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With our own proprietary service SkyNav™, we’re taking virtual reality to the next level with sky to ground 360° 3D tours that are incredibly immersive and VR ready. Our proprietary programming allows for a one of a kind user experience, that is guaranteed to convert users into customers. If you have questions, let’s answer them.


Is SkyNav™ an app?

No, it’s completely web-based (HTML5) and lives directly on the client’s domain, or can opt to have us host it.


What problem does SkyNav™ solve?

It solves a lack of total immersive experiences for the visitor. People want to be in control and experience the next level of 3D 360° technology instead of boring 2D maps.


Do I (client) own the tour?

Yes, 100%. All 360° imagery and assets belong to you the client. There are no licensing fees at all.


What gives SkyNav™ its advantage?

We really have no known competitors 🙂 SkyNav™ is unique in that it is the only web-based “WebVR” product that enables visitors to fly from the sky to ground on they fly in 3D, 360° and virtual reality with only a smartphone and cardboard or the new Oculus Go, worry free!


Is everything trackable?

100% via Google Analytics (Event tracking) as well as lead capture, contact forms and more.


What devices do SkyNav™ tours work on?

All. Desktop, tablet, mobile, (IOS, Android) For VR, Google Cardboard™ or similar, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, and more.


What type of VR gear do I need to view SkyNav™ in virtual reality?

Simply turn your phone into landscape mode and slide it into Google Cardboard™ or similar cardboard devices, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and many more.


Is SkyNav™ scalable?

Yes. You can easily add virtual VR experiences to the tour at minimal cost.


What can I add to my tour?

Virtually anything. 360° video, image galleries, contact forms, VR ads, webcams, ambient sound, Google 360° tours, Matterport 3D, e-commerce, AR (Augmented Reality) and much more!


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